Engaging the Smartest minds in solving the biggest problems plaguing our cities.

CITYHACK DSCHANG: GREEN HACK ; Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Security

48-hour hackathon focused on solving pressing city problems. Green Hack Dschang will focus on climate smart agriculture and food security

Open to software developers, engineers, designers, business experts, innovators, Agriculture domain experts, and entrepreneurs

Teams prototype solutions for issues like waste management, traffic, energy, food security etc

The winning teams get XAF 2,400,000 prize and mentorship opportunities during follow-up and incubation and Opportunity to participate in Mega Hackathon during the CITS24 Summit Week

City Hack is a unique event that aims to foster innovation, problem-solving skills, collaboration, and creativity among participants, while also addressing pressing urban challenges.


The event brings together developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals with a passion for improving cities and urban living.


City HACK is a 48-hour event run in a hackathon style depicting a resource-constrained environment to leave from idea to prototype.


One key hackathon in the CITY HACK project is the Green Hackathon


Upcoming Events

CityHack Dschang : Green Hack

Feb 25-27th, 2024

48hrs Green Hackathathon

CityHack Grand North: EDHack

Mar , 2024

48hrs  Hackathon

CityHack Sangmélima 

April , 2024

48hrs Hackathon

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Green City Solutions



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