City Hack is a Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability (TIES) hackathon designed to birth solutions to everyday challenges with the use of technology. This innovative event brings together stakeholders from different backgrounds, including developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals, to collaborate and create innovative solutions to urban problems, and turn these solutions into thriving startups.

The event is typically held in a hackathon format, where participants work together in teams to develop and implement software and hardware solutions that address pressing urban challenges, such as transportation, housing, sustainability, waste management, and civic engagement, amongst others.
This City Hack event involves intense coding sessions, workshops, mentorship, and a final pitching competition where teams present their projects to judges and the broader community.

City Hack is powered by Mountain Hub, Africa's leading Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability hub and Partners.

What's a hackathon?

Our hackathon is an immersive 48-hour event focused on fueling innovation through intense collaboration. Participants with diverse skill sets unite to exchange ideas, synthesize concepts, and form teams around the most promising solutions. Structured brainstorming sessions allow creativity to flow while expert mentors provide guidance to help refine and develop prototypes.
Unlike broad hackathons open to any idea, our event revolves around specific themes and industries. We curate challenges relevant to our location and community needs, whether in sectors like urban tech, sustainability, transportation, or other priority areas. With this targeted approach, participants can deeply explore issues and rapidly build technologies with real-world impact.
Past editions of our hackathon have centered on agritech, cybersecurity, education technology, Sustainable agriculture, and food security, Plastic pollution, Waste management, data analytics among other domains. Each event has showcased the power of gathering bright minds, facilitating teamwork, and providing support to go from concept to viable prototype in just 48 hours.
If you have a passion for using technology to drive change, join our next hackathon. Contribute your skills in ideation, programming, design, business strategy or more as you collaborate with other innovators. Let’s build solutions that can shape the future together!

How does it work?

10:00 AM

  • Friday, Start

Pitch - 12 PM - 2 PM

  • 30 to 40 ideas on stage

Team building - 2:10 PM - 2:30 PM

  • Everyone can choose their favorite idea and join the team

Work - 2:30 PM

  • About 12-15 ideas are selected, and teams start working

Winner Announcements/Photoshoot - 2 PM - 3 PM

  • We have the jury and audience vote for their favorite and choose the winners.

12 PM - 2 PM

  • Sunday, step on the stage and live-demo your prototype

All you need

  • We provide facilities, mentors, food, and drinks- everything you need to focus  on your idea  over the weekend


  • Every morning and afternoon, teams gather for a checkpoint, where mentors see the teams' progress in the meantime.

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