Meet Our Mentors

 Our team of experienced mentors come from diverse backgrounds across technology, business, design, social impact, and urban planning. They provide guidance and share insights with teams throughout the hackathon.

Get 1-on-1 Time with Experts

 In addition to interacting with mentors during the event, participants can sign up for dedicated mentorship sessions. These provide an opportunity to get focused feedback and advice from mentors with specific expertise relevant to your team's project.

Mentor Bios

Ayuk Etta

Ayuk is a technology and sustainability Entrepreneur, a venture builder, and a startup ecosystem architect. With over 10 years of experience in the technology space in Africa, he is passionate about leveraging technology to accelerate the continent's development. He believes a mix of technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability can be used as a tool to supercharge our continent's growth.

Bermand Yange

Bermond Experienced User Experience Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing, advertising industry and technology startups. Skilled in Branding and Graphic Design, User research, Wire-framing, Web and mobile design, prototyping and UI design.

    Simon Balemba

    Simon is a seasoned entrepreneur, startup founder, and ecosystem enabler with a passion for driving sustainable innovation. With extensive experience in both the startup space and venture investment, Simon has established himself as a distinguished figure in the startup ecosystem.

    Sat 1pm

    Ryan Yoder

    Ryan is a seasoned software Engineer with several years of experience in architecting and building both software and hardware products.

    Amin Jefferson

    Amin is a creative and exceptional brand design genius with multiple years of experience helping small businesses find their voice and kickstart their brand with exceptional design and brand strategy

    Sat 1pm

    Ebot Tabi

    Ebot is a Software Engineer and Tech Lead with more than 15 years of engineering experience implementing technology solutions in a wide variety of industries. Deep expertise in modern software engineering including web development, distributed Data processing engines, middleware architecture, machine learning tools, and API integrations.

    Akoko Bill-Elton

    Bill is an exceptional design and UI experience guru with multiple years of experience supporting businesses architect their product design flow for exceptional customer experience. He is a team player with strong leadership and analytical skills.

    Armel Togue

    Armel is an exceptional business, marketing, communication, and sales person with a background in Journalism and mass communication, helping startups design their go-to-market strategies and exceptional communication around their brand.

    Martin Elonge

    Martin leads in creative and cutting-edge research and development and a data specialist with a passion for writing and publishing in new media, sustainability, agriculture, e-democracy, and startups