Here are City Hack's Sponsors and Partners

Mountain Hub

Mountain Hub is the founding partner and the institution behind City Hack which is a technology, Entrepreneurship, and sustainability engine. As the leading hub in Cameroon, Mountain Hub's very important KPI is to create and support more startups to become successful companies.


Iknite Studio is a family of free-thinking, versatile creatives. We believe brands are the roadmap to the future. We help shape ideas, create environments, and drive the business that improves the lives of the community.

Mountain Angel Network

We don't just fund your idea; we rally all the support needed to transform great ideas into thriving businesses. Our Angel Investment Network invests in technology-enabled products.


Mountain Credit Union (MOCU)

MOCU is a Morden digital financial cooperative funding collective growth and designing solutions in green and sustainable finance to support individuals and small businesses

TekCitadel Innovation

We are a Technology and Innovation Center breaking barriers and Empowering the Next generation through innovative technology solutions that enhance and simplify human experiences. We are dedicated to bringing the latest and most innovative technology solutions to improve and simplify human experiences. Join us in breaking barriers and empowering the next generation.